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hello there, dear readers. as you may have noticed, I took a long and unexpected hiatus from writing Foldable World. this was due to a combination of the holidays, Major Life Decisions, and mental health fuckery. I’m very sorry about it. however, I am now back, and will produce future chapters according to a set schedule!

chapters will be posted every Friday at 7 PM MST, my time — that’s 9 PM EST. this will begin with chapter 4 this Friday, 2/1/13 2/8/13 because I suck. if you’re the sort of person who Does Things on Friday nights — you know, things other than waiting for an obscure amateur sci-fi novel to update — then I guess you can read them Saturday morning. regardless, you can now expect the chapters to EXIST AT REGULAR INTERVALS. I know I’m excited.

anyhow, thanks for reading (if you’re still here), and I look forward to our continued acquaintance via science fiction!

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A/N: wow hello it is your author who keeps forgetting to mention she has mad OCD and therefore is sometimes delayed with getting chapters up. anyhow, here it is. shit may or may not begin to get real (you know, for a given value of real). did I cover all my bases?

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A/N: A couple notes on this chapter. (1) Credit for “Fish Duke” goes to A.B. up in Vancouver. Stealing your cousin’s echolalia is kosher, right? (2) The poem Clara quotes is “Space Shuttle” by Diane Ackerman, and you can read the full text here

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I’m pretty sure Susan Cheng is the most boring name in the history of the universe, and if you can’t prove that, then it’s devastatingly common in the phone book. Even without my name, I may well be the most boring of the six. But that’s not the reason I was assigned to begin this account (does boringness connote a lack of bias?). I was assigned to start because I think the least of the six of us.

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